epistemic status levels in feeds

avoiding social media

Mark Dominus has started a secondary feed for higher frequency posts of lower quality. He introduces it as a new blog with a content warning.

The Universe of Discourse : My new blog by Mark Dominus [2017-11-24 Fri]

I find that, especially since I quit posting to Twitter, there is a lot of random crap that I share with my co-workers, friends, family, and random strangers that they might rather do without. I needed a central dumping ground for this stuff. I am not going to pollute The Universe of Discourse with this material so I started a new blog, called Content-Type: text/shitpost.

defensibility — Jessica Taylor

Jessica Taylor approaches this subject in terms of defensibility. I agree that it’s useful to describe shitpost.plover.com as less defensible than the main site, rather than inferior.

Mark Dominus goes on to dissuade the reader from following the link to the new feed.

WARNING: Shitposts may be pointless, incomplete, poorly considered, poorly researched, offensive, vague, irritating, or otherwise shitty.

It’s also a matter of degree, and since rss and atom feeds don’t provide for handling degrees of qualities in posts, the simplest solution is to divide the feed into two, manually assign posts to two levels, and serve them separately.

guardedness — Jeff Kaufman

Jeff Kaufman used the term ‘guardedness’ in comparing GiveWell’s articles between 2006 and 2017. Here again is the concept of a trade-off rather than a preference for more guarded communication.

I had in mind something similar to Mark Dominus’s two feeds when I started this site, but starting with a feed of mixed quality posts.


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